DECENT is a group interested in researching and applying technologies and governance structures that will make the world more resilient, safe and inclusive. Enjoying every stage of the process, we love to learn and work with like-minded people.

We’re in a formative stage: the current focus is to “Find the others!” (as Timothy Leary said).

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Decentralization enables social collaboration on a scale unprecedented in human history. We believe that it will transform the world into a more inclusive and safer place. We feel just as excited about taking an active part in this, as we were back in the early days of the Internet.

Centralized systems may seem more efficient than the organic chaos of decentralization. However, centralization causes rare but spectacular failures, wiping out any short term benefits. Such fragility is evidenced by occasional financial collapses, infrastructure meltdowns. Centralization is also characterized by systematic corruption, oppression of minority needs and a general lack of innovation.

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Peter Banik Budapest

Peter is product developer, software engineer and entrepreneur with a colorful history of working on software and product design projects in a wide range of industries. He is enthusiastic about great products, open source software, blockchain based technologies, cryptography, and music.

Gergely Dobos Budapest

Gergely is an economist, with over ten years of experience in competition analysis, applied in antitrust, merger control and regulation. His long-time interests include platforms, technology and finance.

Péter Petrovics London

Peter is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years technical, management and financial experience. He ran his own software house for nine years, managed tons of software projects and launched several successful startups, including Hungary's largest social network before Facebook. He is currently busy working on Augmint, a new stable cryptocurrency concept.

Daniel Roka Budapest

Daniel is a mathematician and software developer, with a decade of experience in the fintech sector. Worked on the core systems of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, and helped build an electronic trading platform from the ground up into a firm capturing 5% of the total NASDAQ volume. Currently devotes most of his time to developing decentralized financial and governance systems.

Károly Szabó Budapest

Károly is an entrepreneur with 30+ years’ management and financial experience. Managed small companies and medium sized organizations and companies. Having set up governmental agencies and business companies, supervised IT development projects. Worked a decade in the management of one of the of the largest Hungarian bank. Currently devotes most of his time to decentralized technologies and startups such as Augmint, a new stable cryptocurrency concept.

Viktor Szathmáry Budapest

Viktor is an entrepreneur and software developer. He's been in the software business since 1997, working on startups ranging from community platforms to stock trading systems and e-commerce. He's a co-founder of EU Edge, a boutique software consulting firm, and Scarab Research, a recommender systems company, acquired by Emarsys in 2017. He can also be found playing drums at jam session nights in Budapest.

Viktor Trón Berlin

Viktor is committed to the idea of a free voluntary society and a vocal advocate of decentralization. His journey through mathematics, AI, natural language and speech technology gave him solid formal foundations and a broad angle on technology. One of the first hires of the Ethereum Foundation, currently the team lead of the Ethereum Swarm project, he recently dedicates his full attention to envisioning and implementing the cypherpunk vision of the decentralized web.

Supporting members

Anikó Fejes Budapest

Tamás Kálmán San Francisco

András Kornai Budapest

Sean Mitchell Budapest

Dániel Molnár Budapest

Come say Hi on our Slack channel or email us: